Heirloom Delights Counted Canvas Club

We know many of you loved our Elements series from 2015-2016 with Kathy Rees of Needle Delights.  Lots of you were eager for another club, as were the three of us.  However, our busy shop schedule and Kathy’s design and teaching commitments kept getting in the way. We love partnering with our friend Kathy as it gives us opportunity for lots of phone calls, emails and texts back and forth! When Kathy was here in June, we did a bit of tweaking of the stitched design and Pam has been busy stitching it in the form it will now be offered.

 Seasonal Squares is a 4-part design, stitched on one canvas, entirely with Jumbuck. Kathy says, I always love trying out a new thread! A blend of 50/50 silk and wool, Jumbuck is hand dyed so there is a slight variation in color. When I first held a skein of Jumbuck in my hand, I was amazed at how soft it was. I loved stitching with it and look forward to using it in future designs!” 

We will start with Winter, and as those of you who live with seasons know, Mother Nature is supposed to “gently merge” one season into the next.  That is Kathy’s intent here as well.  Our cool Winter colors will be followed by soft Spring shades and so on.  The design will be stitched vertically. (However, when completed it could also hang horizontally.)  The design is 5” x 20” ---the canvas will be cut 10 x 24.

The first shipment will include the canvas for the series, along with the Winter chart and 6 full skeins of Jumbuck.  The cost for Installment #1 will be $60.00.  The following three segments will include the chart and threads.  We expect those to be around $45.00 each.  The drawn canvas may be ordered for an additional $30.00.

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