Tomorrow’s Sampler Club

A few openings also remain in our 2018 Tomorrow’s Sampler Club.  Pictured below are examples of the kits from the 2017 club.  

We are thrilled to announce that both Linda Lautenschlager and Lori Markovic are willing to do year three of Tomorrow’s Sampler club with us.  So, you will all be delighted with two designs from each of these talented favorites!  We will continue to have a wooden piece to showcase the designs. We have found 4 fun, newly-created and different wood pieces for the coming year.

We expect this club to fill quickly, and we had a lot of disappointed stitchers last year when we reached our kitting limit.  Please let us know soon, either by phone (630.790.1660) or email ( or via USPS mail if you’d like to join.  We are thinking the first installment will ship this spring, 2018.  When the first kit’s timing is in place, we will give you the schedule to follow, but they will be spaced out quarterly.   Kits will include the exclusive chart, a generous cut of linen, threads, and any finishing fabrics needed for finishing the project. Kits will be sent via USPS Priority Mail.  We expect the kits to be between $40-65 each time.  If you decide to join after the club has begun, (if space is available) please know you will be sent all previous club pieces.

 2017 Club examples:

Tomorrows Sampler Cub

Name _________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________

City _______________________________________________ 

State ____

Zip __________ 

Phone _____________________________

Email _________________________________________________

Credit Card Number: _________________________________________ Exp: ____

Security Code _______________________

 ______  I agree to join the Tomorrow’s Samplers, brought to you by Tomorrow's Heirlooms.

Kits will ship quarterly, beginning in June/July 2018. I understand this is a commitment for the entire 4-kit series.

You may drop off your registration to the shop, stick it in the mail, email us, or call it in! 

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